Miracle Journey

An ongoing series of informational entries

Royal Alex Emergency Room

Words can not begin to describe the staff at the Royal Alex Emergency Room. These compassionate, caring, over worked staff are the most amazing team of nurses and doctors I have ever seen. For all they their tolerance with some patients that do nothing but think about themselves and give no regard to others or their care. These nurses are yelled at, buzzed steady, and don’t slow down. They stay calm and add compassion to the ones that need it. I am so grateful that they were on during my time in emergency holding room.

Sally Lore how do I ever begin to say all the thanks needed for such an amazing Friend. We worked to together for years at Canada Post and remained friends. Sally was the first on the scene as soon as she could come up to see me at Emergency Holding. She was literally waiting for my text to come see me. She then committed to come daily and did all my running for me. She would drop everything she was doing to make sure I had everything I needed. Sally put Brian at ease and gave him time to go sort reality out and then he knew I was well taken care off. Thank you, my friend.

Some of what happened is a blur in this holding room so I will try to recall as accurately as possible.

When they moved me a three am, the nurse said to me “Do you have a purse, credit card or anything of value?” I explained I had my phone with cards in it. She said “Keep it close to you” I thought about this after here I am the country mouse living in a town of 3500 people and knowing most every one. Then landing in this place that is so foreign to me for a hospital. Our hospital in Fairview mostly does outpatients in a very quiet manor with the few emergency that usually go to Grande Prairie Hospital. Royal Alex is located close to down town Edmonton and I would say about 70 % of their emergencies seem to be related to drugs, alcohol and addictions.

I don’t think I really slept from 3 am till Brian came around 8 am. It had been pretty quiet till about 6 am. You can hear a lot with just curtains separating the beds. The fellow across from me has nurses in and out trying to control pain for surgery of some kind. Then the woman in the next bed to me starts buzzing around 7:00 am and I hear her asking for her morphine. The nurse tells her you know you have to wait till the doctor comes. So, she reluctantly stops asking for about ½ hour and then continues to buzz and buzz and buzz.

Brian arrives right away after my text where I am, again I can tell he is furious but stays calm for me. Now the waiting started, still no bed for me in hospital. What they are doing with me as I wait for room upstairs in kidney ward and fear starts to set in again. The doctor had ordered tests and one was a kidney biopsy that was suppose to be that day or next. I was still having blood drawn and urine samples etc. I had to use this portable chair potty to pee in, that stayed in my curtain area. I was starting to feel somewhat better so Brian went to get me an egger. I think I only did two bites of the egg. I don’t remember eating there. The waiting game………..

I text Sally that is ok to come up. I am sure she was there in minutes. I said to Brian you go have a break , catch up calls , walk if the doctor comes, I will text you. I am sure Sally was completely in shock when she pulled the curtain and saw me lying in that bed. I am sure I was a pretty scary sight. I was feeling a lot better and beginning to get some life back into me. Sally sat and I caught her up on all that had happened and how it happened. When I retell what happens , the disbelief, and shock show on everyone’s faces. As I am telling her all about it, my neighbor the morphine buzzer starts getting doctors, nurses and social workers in to see her. Sally and I would stop talking to listen, and we ended laughing so hard at the conversations. It was so good to laugh even though this might not have been a laughing matter the way the whole scenario hit Sally and I in humour instead of utter bewilderment. This woman is 70 and she is in the hospital because she had a slight fall at her manor at night and called 911. By the conversation you could tell this is like a monthly run for her. The social worker asked her why she keeps falling and she said “Well it might have something to do with the 26 of vodka I drink every night” The social worker asks her how long she has been drinking that much. She says since she was 13. Then he asks why she drinks that much. She replies I am not sure just always, been doing that. He asked about rehab and which she said she has done many times but wiling to do again. In the mean time while this is going on across from her, another woman starts buzzing again for some kind of drug. The nurses don’t have time to go to her as there is quite a bit of activity now that every one is awake and seems to be wanting some kind of drug. So, this woman screams out then “F- you, I just pissed the bed” I was again in utter shock at what happens in there, and this is all the time. Thank goodness for some reason Sally and I got some laughter over it and I sure because we had no idea how to acknowledge this kind of place.

Brian came back and Sally left and then started the waiting and then the fear and shock set in again. How and why did this happen to me ? I was a completely healthy, energic and happy person 4 months ago and now I almost lost my life and lying here in this place. How am I going to keep my strong and how am I going to handle this?

To be continued……………………………………………..

ay tuned!

Shock and Fear

August 19, 2019

I am back, to continue the Miracle Journey. I have never written a blog so I have some very helpful mentors teaching me.

I would like to start each blog with gratitude, with so many family, friends, and strangers that have helped me with this journey. Each week I will be adding and adding names and you will be amazed the compassionate that is our world.

Brian Noullett my husband of 42 years. He never gave up researching to find out what was the matter with me. He knew that is wife lying on the couch for 3 months no energy, inflammation, nauseated, and many more ailments were not his healthy happy wife. He saw my frustration with doctors and started coming to appointments with me and got the frustration to. He had reconnected with whom I call an Earth Angel Marie Hill who had serious health problems and went threw three years of it with doctors. Marie had found all her answers out of Canada and found the Bio Care Hospital and Wellness Center. She was well in two weeks after entering the hospital. Sonny Bennett my cousin but definitely my soul sister. Sonny flew to Mexico with me. While we were there she was my rock, honestly the perfect SS to take me. She took such good notes at every session I met with a doctor that I have been able to use them so much for numbers down in Mexico. Forever grateful. Doctor Melba Romero, MD and Bio Care for their amazing team in two days finding me the answer that we had been searching for 4 months.

From the previous blog, diagnoses from Mexico get back to Canada you have kidney failure. SHOCK and FEAR set in. I immediately call Brian and can not talk; I am crying hysterically. Sonny takes the phone and calmly (a rock) explains to Brian the doctor’s advice, get back to Canada. That is what I kept hearing "Kidney Failure - get back to Canada."  Thank goodness I had my stress away oil as I literally wanted to drink it. But once Sonny and Brian had made the arrangements for Brian to come to get me and Sonny to fly home then I calmed somewhat. Thank goodness for Marie’s daughter as she is a travel agent and had Brian on a first-class flight the next morning and we had Sonny booked to go home.

Panic again as where do we go, I don’t want to go to Grande Prairie which is where it started. Again, another Earth Angel, Denise Weaver, Brian’s niece. Denise is the best researcher ever and finds out that the Royal Alex in Edmonton has the best Kidney team in I think all of Canada. In panic, we had booked our flights and were flying back from San Diego to Calgary on July 20th, then the morning of July 21 to Edmonton. If something happens, I can go to Calgary emergency when we land.

I discovered a strength in me to get the energy and stamina to make these flights. Brian in desperation is trying to get first-class or better seating in such short notice and he did it. In between him booking flights and me just trying to find a place to lie down at while waiting to get on flights he has to update family and friends because they are all too in shock and horror. I can’t state enough I would and why I am blogging not to have anyone else have to go through this.

Ok, so we land in Edmonton and Brian has a car rented. Straight to Royal Alex Emergency. I do get into the admin clerk ASAP and she does the intake. She asked me why I was there and I said “ I have kidney failure.” Then she asks how I know and tell her story quick. I am told to go wait in the full waiting room and they will call me. Brian is furious but does not show it to me. I finally find a spot I can lie down in and the waiting time on the wall says 1 hour to get into emergency. Almost to the hour, I am called but from the other side because they are putting me in Isolation because I said we were in Mexico. But that turns out to be a good thing because I am put in a private room and everyone has to gown up and glove up to see me. I finally get on a bed and IV in immediately and then we start questions, answers, then repeat answers because I think they are all in disbelief and this is with nurse no doctor yet and I think it is like 3 pm. Then start all the tests , blood and more blood work, urine, stool, something kind weird test for Mexico and on and on and on. All I want to do is sleep. Then some staff would say “ Oh you’re not very tanned for being in Mexico” That is when I totally lost it and told them. Brian was patiently waiting, trying to stay calm for me and updating our family and friends. Finally, see the doctor and confirmed kidney failure but no room upstairs because I need isolation by myself, which is OK, totally worth that wait. Now, this is at least 9 pm from going there at noon. I get to sleep and I tell Brian to go to a motel, I am in the best place to be and I am safe. All is well.

Finally, sleep and by then I am sure I have used a half a bottle of stress away and meditated through all the tests. Sleep did come, they got me heated blankets and the nurses where amazing. The Royal Alex team of doctors and nurses are the most compassionate staff I have ever met.

Sound asleep at 3:00 am and they wake me up they are moving me. I am so excited as I think I am going to a room in the hospital. Oh no, it is into this scary place with like 12 beds with patients from emergency with curtains separating the beds. They take me to end of it and it is curtained like all the rest with isolation to gown up and gloves still. It is pretty quiet the man across is having to have some kind of emergency surgery but the other ones seem to be sleeping. But with all the trauma I sink into fear and shock again, so out comes the stress away and mediated and finally, just lie there till Brian texts. Now, of course, he never slept either and when he finds out I am where I am, he is furious but stays calm. Now, where I am at is a whole different story, I am hoping I can put into words for next blog…….

My Story- And it is in the Past - I am NOT a Victim

August 8/2019

My Story- And it is in the Past - I am NOT a Victim

August 8/2019

I don't ever want anyone else to go through this. I believe my journey needed to shift or I would not be part of this journey this time.

July 17 I was diagnosed with kidney failure. I had been sick for 4 months and seen 5 different doctors, 3 of them specialists. Three of them said rheumatoid arthritis with all blood work, xrays, ultrasounds saying N0. I challenged them and did not go on medication for it. Strange stuff was happening to my body inflammation, extreme fatigue, nausea, night sweats, diarrhea pain and all I knew was my liver where suppose to be a reading of 10 and they where 150. A fatty liver they said. On June 28 and 4 different kinds of extensive blood work my doctor phoned said I had a kidney infection and prescribed an antibiotic. Now I don’t do chemicals, I use other methods, Young Living Essential oils, Reiki, and Raindrop are some of them.  I was so tired and frustrated so I decided to do the antibiotic. Then I started not eating at all, threw up bile steady and did not move off the couch for a week. Then I would have like 2 good days and the good days where just barely getting dressed and functioning then 5 bad. I flew to Edmonton July 9 for   specialist appointment with a Rheumatologist. By this time I had no inflammation or pain by using my alternative methods. He said it was not Rheumatoid Arthritis and decided to run three speciality blood tests. I had the blood work done right after and flew back home that day  The results where negative and I was at a standstill. Brian researched and found a hospital in Mexico and we talked about me going. We had a friend in Vernon and we live in Fairview, Alberta that had cancer and my husband Brian had days off and I was on feeling OK and we decided to go see him in our motor home. If I got sick I could lie down. We stopped in Hinton first night at my cousins. On the way, I got the sickest ever, not bile coming up but food now. Well, my cousin took one look at me a freaked how sick I was. I went to bed and Sonny and Brian booked me Mexico hospital in two days to fly down. Sonny and I flew to Mexico July 17 and Brian went to Vernon. I was in Mexico one day and they diagnosed kidney failure, my kidneys were functioning at 3 %. They brought in a kidney specialist and Brian flew down. The specialist said to get me to Canada immediately. So that was Friday and we flew home Sunday and went to emergency at Royal Alex Edmonton. The shock and fear set in bad. So this is to be continued.............

Royal Alex

This Blog’s gratitude is to Kelly Vass my earth angel. Kelly is a fellow Heal Your Life Trainer and Coach and much more. Kelly offers a so much with her coaching , facilitating , and workshops. She was on a family vacation at the lake when Sonny contacted her that I was in the hospital and what had happened. Kelly drove in the second night to my room at the hospital. Kelly sat with me for 2 hours and helped me understand why this was happening spiritually to me. She brought me books to help me deal with the emotional pain that I was feeling. I would not have been able to cope with this mentally and spiritually without her guidance. I am so blessed to have Kelly as a friend.

When this first started back in May, I started seeing Nancy James a trained Raindrop therapist and Reiki and much more. Nancy and I have been friends for over 30 years, worked together and helped each other through many challenges that life threw at us. She is blessed with such a gift with her Reiki and Raindrop treatments. She literally did not stop a session did she rid my pain at each session. My inflammation and pain were completely gone by June 24. Nancy thank you so much for all you do for me.

The good news about getting the room , was it was private. Everyone was still gowning and gloving up now to come into the room. They said it was because I was in Mexico but I thing they felt sorry for me.

At the Royal Alex Hospital, they have a team of four specialists that rotate their shifts weekly. They come to see the kidney patients every day. My first specialist was Doctor Magnelena Michalska. Doctor Michalska is very smart, kind and compassionate woman. When she met with Brian and I she explained every thing to us and what they prescribed as the best treatment for this. The biopsy showed Anca Vasculitis. It is an autoimmune disease that destroys your immune system and then attacks organs in your body. Now how shocking is that!!!!!! I was healthy five months ago, I had rid chemicals out of my life. I was using and eating as much organic as I could. I was using young living oils for any ailments. I had rid my body of inflammation when I was sick by doing Rain Drop Therapy and Reiki. The treatment was 10 pills, to start I was on 80 mg of Prednisone, 125 mg of Cyclphsphamide, Septra and Pantopraxole. If you google the side effects of these pills, it is very extreme. Some of them are depression, weight gain, moodiness, high blood pressure, insomnia and the list goes on. I would have to start dialysis immediately 3 times a week for 4 hours. Again, how shocking is that for someone who only took Syntrhoid before this for thyroid, the only medication that I took. Brian was extremely worried about this and how I would accept it and so was I . After many tears and some soul searching, I came up with, medical got me into this and medical will get me out. I had complete faith in this team at the Royal Alex.

The mental and spiritual part is I could not get my head around . Heal Your Life was created by Louise Hay one of the founders of the self-help movement back in the 1960’s. I had an opportunity three years ago to become a Heal Your Life Trainer and Coach.

What I believe:

• Life is really very simple. What we give out, we get back. Every thought we think is creating our future.

• It is only a thought , and a thought can be changed. I believe this is true for my health too.

• We create every so-called illness in our body, and we have the power to change our thoughts and began to dissolve it.

• Releasing resentment and negative thoughts will help dissolve even the most “incurable” health conditions.

• When you don’t know what else to do, focus on love. Loving yourself makes you feel good, and good health is really about feeling good .

• When we really love ourselves, everything is our life works, including our health

So how did I create this in my body. Everyone was always telling me, you are such a positive person, you are always upbeat and happy. So, Kelly to the rescue. The bottom line in my life was I needed to do a major life style change and start over. Brian and I had extreme stress in our life the last year and instead of dealing with it I was stuffing into my body and running on busyness to not face the stress. Every one told me I was to busy, but did I listen no, I just booked more stuff. I was positive on the outside but not in the inside. The body can only take that kind of treatment so long. If you have a dis-ease then your body is trying to tell you something.

So, what I did and this is not what works for everyone. But what has to happen to heal is you have to have faith in something or believe with all your heart you can rid this. The other must is to have a positive attitude and only think that you can heal. Louise Hay was diagnosed with cancer and opted out of the chemotherapy and used this philosophy and it six months her cancer was completely gone. If Louise could do, so could Sharon. I believed in my medical team to take care of the medical part and I asked them what I could do with that part of it. I would need to eat a very healthy diet and also for kidneys, dialysis, low sodium and sugars. Exercise when I was stronger and no holistic practices. Thankfully I could use the oils.

What I did to handle this was, talk to Brian family and friends that we where putting the past behind us and only keeping the positive memories. While I was in the hospital, I started to get rid of some of the busyness , no more cell phone on all the time. I had been mediating and increased the mediation and oils. I also Started reading the books Kelly gave me on self help with positivity. I did not accept negative talk any more. Even with my specialists.

Easier said than done sometimes. Now it is time to start the medical part and that was a very traumatic, frustration ordeal to begin with. Tune in into next blog and find out. 


This blog’s gratitude goes to Doctor Michalska and Doctor Deevad. Doctor Michalska was the first specialist I saw and I had said before she is so smart and compassionate. She had a medical plan set for me right away and my hook up to dialysis done quickly and started dialysis immediately. This woman has a gift to bee able to do this medical part and still stay compassionate with patients.

Doctor Deevad is another part of the team of four specialists and again smart and compassionate. He drew out a picture for Brian and I showing my kidney and explained what the biopsy showed in terms Brian and I could understand. He used very positive words and was very optimistic for pills to kill the disease and the dialysis to get kidneys working. I am so blessed to have these two as my medical team.

I am blessed and thankful for our family. Our oldest son Gerry brought their two girls Jewel and London and our middle son Mitch brought Bo and Kolt to the hospital right away when I got admitted. Their presence and love and support the first few days gave me hope and inspiration to fight this.

When the family did come up to hospital they had to gown up and glove up and the grandkids ages 7-3 looked so cute in these. What was hard on me was the fear on their faces when they saw me. Luckily Sally was up at the same time and London the three-year-old bonded with her. Bo our softie and 7 laid on bed and cuddled me. Jewel 7 and Kolt 4 sat off to side line and visited. I was having a blood transfusion when they came in so it was scary. I told them it was my young living ningxia juice and they accepted that. LOL

Reality was hard, I was adjusting to pills and side effects from pills, getting line put in for dialysis, body not working right, and still fear. I would not sleep , maybe 3 to 4 hours and then when I did wake for the day, I would have my pity party by myself and have a good cry before any one come to visit. There were social workers, nurse practitioners , nutritionists coming in and all different confusing advice.

The first real problem was I would be on dialysis in Edmonton 3 days a week for 4 hours. So, I needed a place to stay. The nurse practitioners and social worker tried to help with that. She found a one-bedroom suite at U of A that had a microwave to cook and a shared fridge. Now part of my recovery is healthy eating and tell me how healthy is cooking out of a microwave. The other catch was I would have to do dialysis at the U of A. Doctor Deevad said absolutely not, and I would stay a patient of Royal Alex, thank God. So, Brian to the rescue again as will I was having tests and dialysis, he found the most perfect healing apartment and I could move in August 1st plus it was furnished with every thing. It was also close to a shopping center, 9 minutes from Royal Alex and a beautiful walking trail outside the door. We are so blessed that we could afford this and I give thought to so many people that end up in Edmonton from out of town that would not be able to do . Something definitely needs to be done. In a blog to come soon that something has been done and thanks to what I went through that action was taken.

Now during this stressful time trying to find a place and some of the medical people did not handle my fear very well. I had someone come and want me to learn to give myself needles for insulin. My numbers from blood work where totally out of whack and my body was adjusting to the new medication , so nothing was a true reading yet. I was showing high blood sugars and nurses where giving me needles daily. I had to have to blood transfusions. After I got them, I felt so much better, as I am sure I got someone’s happy blood. I had a fear of needles and blood before this started and giving myself a needle was not an option for me at this time. I lost it on this person and started to cry as I said, they don’t even know if I am going to need insulin and why would I learn to do needles now. What that did was bring the social worker back in to see Brian and I. OMG really you people , let the doctors get this under control then I can see what I need to do when I leave the hospital. In the end my sugars balanced out and I did not need needles. Again, take your health under what your intuition tells you and tell some of these people no.

Getting the dialysis line put in was another terrifying experience for me as I had no clue how any of this worked. Doctor Michalska did it and was teaching an intern how to do it. I took my stress away and lathered it on me and meditated while they did it. I started dialysis July 24 and it went well. These machines are truly amazing. It takes about 10 minutes for hook up and then you sit in a chair and I read, play on I-pad, or text people and sometimes watched a movie. At the Royal Alex there is four spots upstairs and four of us do it at the same time with four nurses that monitor.

This takes me up to being discharged from hospital and starting reality for the next while in apartment. To be continued…………..