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My Story- And it is in the Past - I am NOT a Victim

August 8/2019

I don't ever want anyone else to go through this. I believe my journey needed to shift or I would not be part of this journey this time.

July 17 I was diagnosed with kidney failure. I had been sick for 4 months and seen 5 different doctors, 3 of them specialists. Three of them said rheumatoid arthritis with all blood work, xrays, ultrasounds saying N0. I challenged them and did not go on medication for it. Strange stuff was happening to my body inflammation, extreme fatigue, nausea, night sweats, diarrhea pain and all I knew was my liver enzymes where suppose to be a reading of 10 and they where 150. A fatty liver they said. On June 28 and 4 different times of extensive blood work my doctor phoned said I had a kidney infection and prescribed an antibiotic. Now I don’t do chemicals, I use other methods young Living Essential oils, but my family had been hard on my case so I took an extremely strong antibiotic for 6 days. Then I started not eating at all, threw up bile steady and did not move off the couch for a week. Then I would have like 2 good days and the good days where just barely getting dressed and functioning then 5 bad. I flew to Edmonton July 9 for a specialist appointment and he said he did not know and ran only 3 blood work tests looking for genetics, allergy or can not remember. Flew back home that day. Results negative and I was at a standstill. Brian researched and found a hospital in Mexico and we talked about me going. We had a friend in Vernon and we live in Fairview, Alberta that had cancer and my husband Brian had days off and I was on feeling ok and we decided to go see him in our motor home. If I got sick I could lie down. We stopped in HINTON first night at my cousins. On the way, I got the sickest ever, not bile coming up but food now. Well, my cousin took one look at me a freaked how sick I was. I went to bed and Sonny and Brian booked me Mexico hospital in two days to fly down. Sonny and I flew to Mexico July 17 and Brian went to Vernon. I was in Mexico one day and they diagnosed kidney failure, my kidneys were functioning at 3 %. They brought in a kidney specialist and Brian flew down. They don't him to get me to Canada immediately. So that was Friday and we flew home Sunday and went to emergency at Royal Alex Edmonton. The shock and fear set in bad. So this is to be continued.